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A benchmark in the Construction and Public Works market

INOVBUILD was created with the mission of responding to the needs of civil construction services, remodeling of residential and commercial properties, rehabilitation of buildings, rehabilitation of facades and common areas with new concepts of quality, safety and guarantee of work. A quick and safe solution, providing a high quality response service for construction and maintenance work.
We have several teams of construction professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of building materials to respond to the construction, repair and maintenance needs of your home, store, condominium or company.
Our experience reflects a breadth of knowledge that puts us in a comfortable position to take on any challenge, guaranteeing the timeliness and quality of the solutions proposed.

Respecting the environment, complying with and enforcing legal requirements. To think about and develop measures and actions in order to improve performance, with environmental prevention measures, focusing on promoting environmental management in accordance with current legislation, ensuring compliance and making environmental performance more efficient.
Inovbuild is committed to managing its organization by implementing management systems that express its identity. A path has been mapped out to achieve principles and performance standards of excellence in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of responses with increased efficiency and reduced costs.
Ensuring and preserving the physical integrity of employees in the workplace, adopting preventive measures and raising awareness of the correct use of the means made available to them.
Our social responsibility involves voluntarily integrating social and environmental concerns into our operations and interaction with all parties. Inovbuild acts with a view to meeting the needs of the challenges, while managing the expectations of employees, suppliers and the local community.
Continuous training and evolution are fundamental principles of personal and professional development, creating a strong team spirit, making the “PRIDE IN BEING INNOVBUILD” ever greater.


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