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Remodeling and Rehabilitation

Whether you are a Private or Business Client, at Inovbuild we provide all types of services associated with the remodeling of Houses, Apartments, Shops and commercial spaces according to the needs of each purpose.

The environment you want for yourself or your clients is essential for your personal well-being, that of your family or the success of your business, which is why Inovbuild thinks of all the details for you!

Whether Remodeling or Rehabilitation, we combine respect for personalized architecture with construction quality, ensuring that homes, offices or services are developed with quality, meeting deadlines, demands and transparency.

Concerned with interior decoration, we work with experienced and specialized carpenters and joiners, with all the know-how necessary to create custom-made furniture and decorations.

In the universe of companies in the Inovbuild Group, we have a detailed carpentry, In-House, to respond more effectively to our customers' design requests, as well as reduce response times. 


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