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Exterior Rehabilitation and Energy Efficiency

For a living home, comfort starts on the outside!

Our experience in rehabilitation work on facades and roofs of buildings, houses and condominiums, as well as the improvements introduced in terms of insulation, allow us to increase their Energy Efficiency.

These works include repairing cracks and fissures, painting and waterproofing facades, roofs and coverings, replacing frames, renewing and repairing expansion joints, consolidating the fixing of covering stonework on facades, installing gutters and downpipes through the exterior, jet washing and water jet cleaning of roofs, facades covered with stone, tiles, gum, glass facades, cleaning of gutters and downpipes with difficult access, application of thermal and acoustic insulation on the exterior of buildings and supply and placement of pigeon deterrent systems

Inovbuild is even a company specialized in remodeling facades through its vertical work team that avoids the inconvenience caused to residents or occupants of buildings, being less than in an intervention using platforms such as fixed scaffolding. 

6 Steps in the Conservation and Restoration of Buildings

Firstly, we wash the building. We use high-pressure machines with clean water and neutral detergent, so that all existing dust, grease and fungi can be removed.
The building is analyzed and all cracks and fissures are repaired. During repairs, the respective gaps or fissures are opened, cleaned of dust and loose particles and treated with filling using cement-based mortars with synthetic fibers and resins. If there are areas with exposed metal structures due to wear and tear on the plaster, an anti-corrosion product is applied so that it does not rust with humidity and does not further damage adjacent structures.

The facade waterproofing is essential to maintain comfort inside buildings and to preserve their own structure. Facades are exposed to all types of agents such as rain, sun, heat and UV rays, which impair their protective function. It is essential to carry out effective waterproofing in order to avoid problems with infiltration and humidity that damage walls and construction materials.

The roof is an extremely important element, as it provides comfort and safety to its occupants, helps to preserve the structure, and also functions as a construction element that protects the building from atmospheric agents. Given this fact, the waterproofing of roofs plays a very important role in preventing water infiltration into the coverings of lower or adjacent compartments.

The terrace waterproofing should never be neglected and should be carried out as quickly as possible whenever there is any infiltration as it will cause much greater damage in a short space of time.

Our waterproofing solutions for facades and roofs also significantly increase the longevity of structures, increase energy efficiency in buildings due to their insulating properties, thus reducing heating and cooling costs. 

The primer serves to standardize the surface and prepare it for the application of paint. The application of the primer is also important as it creates a strong barrier against alkalinity. After applying the primer, the building’s surface is ready for final painting.
After completing all work, we carry out a general cleaning of the entire intervention area, leaving the roof, elevators, stairs and all common spaces clean.


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